Bathroom Improvement:

How Suites Work and Why Have Them in Your Home

The presence of a bathroom(badekar) in a house is essential, because it is through it that all the basic need of cleaning and disposal of mere mortals are made. However, we will go deeper into the suites, which have gone from being more luxurious to something particularly common in today’s homes

Why have a suite in your home?

Basically, suites are bathrooms/baderomsinnredning that connect directly with the main rooms of the houses, but also with the presence of another bathroom housed in the face, but with the intention of being used by all. That is, the suite comes to bring more convenience to the owners of the house and also more privacy. Below will be some pros and cons about such a room.


  • Facilitate the life of the resident and it will bring more than one bathroom in the house;
  • It streamlines the whole process of bathing and cleaning of the house members;
  • brings privacy to those who use the suite as they did not have to leave the room and cross corridors or other rooms.


  • In order to have a suite in your room you need a space in your house that can be connected to the bathroom in the room, soon it is necessary a prior planning and some specific cases do not have the possibility to build the suite due to the structure of the house;
  • Having a suite requires a greater expense because it deals with the change of a structure of your house, that is, to build a suite sometimes it is necessary to decrease some room in your house so that it is functional or vice versa.


If you are looking for something that would make your life much easier, or if you are experiencing problems related to your bathroom (varmtvannsbereder), having a suite is a great solution as it will solve time and comfort issues. In addition, having a suite in your room will greatly facilitate the functionality in your day to day, such as getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or when you have visitors at home. However, remember that building a suite may require things that were not in your plans so always consult more than one professional and share the idea to your family or friends.