Gardening Tips



1) Here is a good rule of thumb to follow. Thin leaves,in general, need more water. It’s the thicker leaves that need less water. Usually those who are novices when it comes to gardening tend to confuse the two. This is a simple way to remember it. For more tips talk with a professional from pest control mesa az company.

2) Compost tea is made by equal parts water and compost. It should be 4 parts water to 1 part compost. Take this mixture to your garden. Pour it over your plants. If you garden is small, than just make adjustments to the mixture. If you need help with the adjustments, consult someone who has done it before.

The extra compost can be used for more tea or you can just put it in the garden. Simple and easy.

3) Do you have a new bed? You need to add extra care to it. A new bed will require more of everything. This is so you give it that healthy kick. As the new bed becomes older, you can slow down on the mixtures of soil and compost.

4) Do you have bats around your house or area? This is not exactly a bad thing. it would be in your best interest to let them stay. It might be disruption for you, but they will fight to keep the insects away. If you don;t disturb that bat and what he does, than he won’t fight with you.

5) Do you have any extra plastic bottles around the house? This is a good thing. These bottles do come in handy. They will protect your plants and shrubbery from the frost and cold weather. Keep them.

lady bugs 6) All these insects that you complain about do come in handy. There is only about 2% that are going to be harmful. I’d encourage you to do the research on which 2% are harmful.

The other 98% are actually useful to your garden and other plant life. Unless that 98% are causing major issues, then it’s in your best interest to leave them alone. I’d encourage you to do the research on the other 98%. This way you know which ones are actually okay to leave alone.

7) Pinching off the flowers is something I’d encourage you to do. Don’t go crazy, but do it as often as you can. Pinching off a flower will encourage the flower to bloom and flourish that much more. If someone tells you that pinching is bad, you need to run.